Al Naseer Foundation:

Al Jannah has established an organized structure to pay donation directly to the people in need across the world which is called Al Naseer foundation. If you want to help, please contact written below number. 

       Ladies free whatsapp groups (Teaching available in Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu)

Al Jannah academy has different whats app groups who are teaching ladies through out the world starting from Salah and it's translation to Quran and it's meaning. The idea is to equip a Muslim mother to build a better generation. This offer is completely free. For details, please contact 

 Nazish Hussain 07783469546

New Muslim support group:

If you want to learn about Islam or just reverted to Islam; AJA is here to support you in this blessed journey. Please contact written above number. 

Online Skype Sessions:

Online Quran extra coaching class:

This is a very unique offer which has been introduced to keep the high standards of Quran recitation.

This will
. Provide one to one tuition to your child.
. Provide you & your child the comfort of your own home in which you can check what your child is learning & there will be no hassle of travelling.
. The most affordable price & the high quality guaranteed in the town.
. Teach with proper pronunciation in Arabic.
. Offer qualified & trained teachers supporting you child throughout in his spiritual journey.
. Offer flexible timings.
. Offer you UK based management.

Fees: £6.50 for whole month/ 28 min session each week.


Arabic language classes have been taught one to one by an Arabic native speaker.  

Sessions run throughout the week. Each session last for 30 minutes and can be customized according to your need. Fees is same as our Skype Quran lessons (Please check home page)