Al Jannah New Muslim Sisters befriending scheme

  • An emotional, psychological and practical support to new Muslim sisters or who want to convert to Islam 
  • If you are already accepted Islam and want emotional and practical support.
  • If you want to convert and want to know more about Islam.

Al Naseer Foundation:

Al Jannah has established an organized structure to pay donation directly to the people in need across the world.

Al Naseer foundation of AJA offers services and send people's the donation world wide.

In 2016/ 17 our academy donated to shoebox 4 Syria, Syria in need, child in need and Rohingia Muslims  etc.

Quran tuition through Skype:

Online Quran extra coaching class:(free)

One to one, 30 min session per week for every child to read Quran through Skype beside Saturdays regular class.
(This is a very unique free offer which has been introduced to keep the high standards of Quran recitation. This offer only applies to intermediate & advance class and its not compulsory to avail this opportunity, however we experience a very positive progress in students' Quran recitation by using this opportunity)

For non Al Jannnah academy students

This will
. Provide one to one tuition to your child.
. Provide you & your child the comfort of your own home in which you can check what your child is learning & there will be no hassle of travelling.
. The most affordable price & the high quality guaranteed in the town.
. Teach with proper pronunciation in Arabic.
. Offer qualified & trained teachers supporting you child throughout in his spiritual journey.
. Offer flexible timings.
. Offer you UK based management.

Fees: £5 for whole month/ 30 min session each week.

Muslim Directory:

AJA muslim directory will be insha Allah coming soon. This will be a local directory of professionals to advertise our local businesses.

 For details please contact sister Nazish on 07783469546 .