Al Jannah academy was established in 2013. Our main focus is to make learning enjoyable for children by activity based methods. We are a group of Muslim teachers who are teaching in mainstream school who felt the need to bring in modern teaching techniques in Islamic education. The school has been well supported by the local community and has 170+ students within two years, which shows that there is a need for a modern and progressive approach to teaching in RE.

Al Jannah has a management structure to run efficiently. Our teachers are carefully selected based on the criteria that they are experienced & hold at very least a post graduate qualification. Our staff are motivated to nurture your child. All the staff is CRB checked (so as to assure parents that their children are in safe hands). Regular teachers training is provided to maintain a good and consistent teaching standard. Our teachers are from all over the world including Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. 

Head Teacher:

M.Ed, B.A ( Psychology) , F.DA ( Counselling), MBACP, NLP Practitioner, Dip CBT

Sister Nazish has over fourteen years experience teaching in UK & abroad including primary & secondary school teaching. Currently she is teaching languages in a Grammar school. She is running three businesses including a supplementary school. Her background of Educational Psychology & Counselling enables her to connect students at their individual level.


We have Imaam for Salah. Who is  CELTA qualified.


All mentors are working in different schools and have previous experience working with children. They all are CRB registered.

SEN teacher:

Al Jannah Academy has a SEN teacher who provides one to one attention to the children with special needs (including learning and physical disabilities). 



 Q. Will my child be safe whilst in school?

A. Yes. Our first priority is the safety of all the children. No child will be allowed to wander around the school. All pupils will be escorted by a CRB checked class teacher or Class Mentor. 

Q. Will students learn the correct Arabic pronunciation in Arabic Language lessons and Quarnic lessons?

A. Yes. All our teachers will be teaching the Quranic Arabic and Arabic language using the correct pronunciation.

Q. What if my child already goes to another Madrasa and is gaining Islamic education elsewhere. Will this affect their learning?

A. No. We aim to support and consolidate upon any prior learning, past or present.

Q. What if my child is 11+ but has no Islamic or Arabic knowledge?

A. Pupils who are of an older age but do not have any prior Islamic teaching will be closely supported by the in-class Teaching Mentors.

Q. How are pupils assessed and what criteria decides which class they will be in?

A. Pupils will be assessed on Registration Day and again during class time by a qualified teacher. If necessary, pupils will then be moved to a more appropriate class, after a discussion with the parent(s).

Q. Does my child need to bring a packed lunch with them?

A. Yes. There will be two 5 minute breaks where they will be able to have a snack. We recommend that they bring a piece of fruit and drink (no fizzy drinks please) for the first break and a sandwich for the second. We ask that no crisps or messy foods be brought with them.