Mission statement:Our approach towards faith encourages young learners to love the Creator & look for common positive values in all religions.At our academy we will endeavour to ensure that children learn by understanding; with modern techniques which enable them to remain focused during lesson. We provide an Islamic, safe, child-centred and structured learning environment for every child which helps them to become a good human being and a productive citizen.

Al- Jannah means 'paradise' which is a common blessing from God in all religions

Al-Jannah Academy is a non-profit making Islamic Saturday school situated in West Drayton, Middlesex. It's the Weekend Islamic School in the Borough of Hillingdon. The Academy will accommodate students from all over West London including Hayes, West Drayton, Uxbridge, Iver Hounslow and other local areas. School is hiring a local comprehensive school's premises.


Children often complain about their inability to understand; they find monotonous repetitive drilling boring in traditional learning. 

The decision to hold the school on a Saturday is due to the academic commitment of students during the week. The weekend allows for more time to be spent learning the beautiful religion of God. Al Jannah Academy is dedicated to producing talented and positive Muslim students

Code of Conduct
All students MUST arrive on time at 11:25 am.
Students to be picked up after Dhuhr prayer
Students are expected to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and Islamic behaviour.

Any act of misconduct or disrespect by a student may be cause for a warning or suspension from school. Three warnings can result in the suspension of the student for the rest of the year.

Dress Code 
We encourage students to respect themselves and adhere to Islamic rules for dress. All girls are encouraged to wear a head cover or Hijab. All students should wear loose fitting modest clothing. Clothes with inappropriate images are not allowed.

Timing:Every Saturday (term time only) 11:30-2:30

School's time plan:

Each lesson takes 50 minutes for Quranic Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran (Recitation and hifz) with intervals of 10 minutes lunch break and 20 minutes For Zuhur Salah in Jamaat.






Islamic Studies


Lunch Break


Arabic/ Hifz


Duhur Salah

New admission are open now for 2018.

First Nursery class for April 2016.




£20.00 one off charge

(Cover the cost of books+ bags)

First Child

£25 per month ( £300 per year) 36 weeks ( £100 per term)

Second Child Onwards

£20 per month  (£240 per year)

 36 weeks (£80 per term)

Quran Skype – First Weekly Session For Each Child

£0.00 per month (£0.00 per year)

For 8 year + children.

Quran Skype – Extra Weekly Session For Each Child

£5 p m/ 1 session p wk. 

(£60.00 per year)


 We have four classes running with 25-30 students in each class with one class teacher and one teaching assistant.

Nursery: 4+

Level 1: 5+ years old

Level 2: 6+ years old

Level 3:  7-8 years old 

Level 4:  8-10 years old 

Level 5: 10-12   

Level 6: Secondary school students

Our Sponsors: 

Here2Listen Muslim Counselling             


To encourage children to learn and implement the learning in their lives; we introduce Star of the week and Zki the teddy bear concept.

Our Zaki the teddy bear weekly visits one of the students' home of level 1, 2 and 3. Children do some Islamic activities during week with him and add them on to the note book along with him.